This is where all my other writing goes. Anecdotes, life challenges, day trips, food experiences, opinions and personal news can be found somewhere on this site, usually once a week, around Sunday (UTC+8). Some of it can be naughty. Occasionally, some of my dark fiction leaks onto the site. My novels SEETHINGS 1 & 2 are like that all over.

Goodreads, Smashwords and Amazon, don’t provide a specific shelf for my genre, Neo-Noirotica (psychological thriller, neo-noir and erotica are its closest relatives). There should be one because it’s real enough for those who read and write for it (I’m not the only one). We know that not everything in this world glitters. Happy ever after maybe a desirable destination, but good doesn’t always deliver us there. Anti-heroes have a place in storytelling too.

For more, visit my homesite– M. Forman

(Excerpts of writing are located here)

Free for a limited time. Click to pick up a copy or read a sample.
Click to pick up a copy or read a sample.

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